The IMI Stakeholder Forum 2017 took place on Wednesday 18 and Thursday 19 October 2017 at the Hotel Crowne Plaza Le Palace, Brussels. 


18 October
Open innovation

On the first day of the Stakeholder Forum we looked at IMI through the lens of open innovation, and discussed the results that the partnership is delivering through a dynamic, multi-stakeholder, collaborative innovation ecosystem.

19 October
Patient Forum

In IMI’s public-private open innovation model, patients are the ultimate recipients of IMI’s R&D efforts, and an invaluable partner in research. This event, co-developed by IMI and the European Patients’ Forum (EPF) set out discussions on how to achieve real and meaningful patient engagement, how to measure and demonstrate its value, and how to secure willingness to collaborate. The goal of the event was to further the discussion on what are the most meaningful models of patient collaboration in order for patients’ voices to be heard.

Microbiome forum 

The microbiome has come under the spotlight in recent years for its potential to be a turning point in medical research. The challenges it entails, however, require breakthrough collaboration between a diverse range of leading health stakeholders, from both the private and public sectors. This event brought together the pharmaceutical, food / feed and diagnostics industries for an open and dynamic discussion with medtechs, regulators, researchers and other players on the needs for and benefits of collaborative research in the microbiome field.