HARMONY: Read the PLOS article about a FAIR guide for data providers to maximize sharing of human genomic data

It is generally acknowledged that, for reproducibility and progress of human genomic research, data sharing is critical. For every sharing […]

Read the article in Circulation Research: Omics, Big Data, and Precision Medicine in Cardiovascular Sciences

How do our individual genomes and life histories influence our well-being, risk for diseases, and responses to medical treatments? This […]

HARMONY: Using Real World Data to fill the knowledge gap

Real-world data (RWD) is health-related data derived from a diverse human population in real life settings. RWD can be medical […]

ROADMAP: Recent progress report

There is a lot happening across the ROADMAP project and this article was drafted in collaboration with all ROADMAP Work […]

Health Economics team publishes two protocols on systematic literature reviews on economic models in Alzheimer’s disease

Since the beginning of 2018, ROADMAP’s Health Economics team published two of three protocols on the methods for systematic literature […]

ROADMAP: Interview with Antonella Santuccione Chadha – A regulatory perspective on the importance of real-world evidence

Today’s post is an interview with Dr Antonella Santuccione Chadha. She is a medical doctor with a wealth of experience […]

ROADMAP: Interview with Pieter Jelle Visser from VU University Medical Center

Today we talk to Pieter Jelle Visser from Maastricht University and VU University medical Center Amsterdam. He is a clinical epidemiologist […]

HARMONY: 6 Important questions about Big Data in Health

Big Data has been attributed as having “transformative potential” in healthcare systems, with benefits across the entire pathway of care […]

Read the interview with HARMONY Partners Jan Geissler, EUPATI/Leukanet and Matthias Gottwald, Bayer about the empowerment of patients

IMI, the Innovative Medicines Initiative, interviewed the project coordinators of EUPATI: Game-changer in the empowerment of patients’. read more

HARMONY: Listen to: Elvira Mora-Castera, HARMONY Partner, HULAFE

@HARMONY Talks: Partners, Work Package Leaders and Leaders of the HM Disease Groups are sharing their views and experiences. read […]

How to Use Cardiovascular Data to Develop an Open Access Informatics Platform? – An interview with Richard Dobson and James Teo

BigData&Heart: Richard Dobson, Professor in Medical Informatics and WP3 co-lead BigData@Heart, University College London and James Teo, Consultant Neurologist, King’s College Hospital […]

ROADMAP: Sign up for the IMI-EMIF symposium on April 18th in Brussels

  IMI-EMIF would like to invite you to its public symposium: ‘Liberating Evidence from European Health Data – the Achievements and Challenges […]

ROADMAP workshop Modelling the economic value of Alzheimer’s disease interventions: How far have we come, and what next?

On Wednesday 14th February 2018 the Health Economics team from Work Package 5 convened a workshop in Paris to coincide […]

BD4BO Newsletter

Our latest newsletter is out now and you can read it by clicking this post.

HARMONY: Listen to: Michel van Speybroeck, JPNV-JANSSEN, HARMONY Partner, WP4 Leader, about the data platform

@HARMONY Talks: Partners, Work Package Leaders and Leaders of the HM Disease Groups are sharing their views and experiences. read […]

ROADMAP updates on recent and ongoing activities

There is a lot happening across the ROADMAP project and this article was drafted in collaboration with all ROADMAP Work […]

DATA IN QUESTION – survey on ethical, legal and societal challenges in biobank-based research – YOUR PARTICIPATION IS NEEDED

  The survey consists of 25 questions on some of the challenges of obtaining and sharing biological samples and data […]

ROADMAP: Resource utilisation and costs in predementia and dementia: a systematic review protocol

Introduction Dementia is the fastest growing major cause of disability globally with a mounting social and financial impact for patients and […]

HARMONY presented at the Fifth Annual Life Science R&D Data Intelligence Leaders Forum

HARMONY Partner, WP2/WP7 Co-leader Aliki Taylor from Takeda gave a presentation at this meeting on 24th January on “EU Big […]

HARMONY: EU’s Health Commissioner Andriukaitis: Big data has ‘enormous’ potential to optimize healthcare

The healthcare sector generates massive volumes of data, which has “immense potential” to protect and promote health and to improve […]

ROADMAP: ROADMAP launches survey to identify important outcomes in dementia

On 29 January, the ROADMAP project launched their recently finalised surveys to obtain views on the importance of different aspects […]

HARMONY: HARMONY in the new open access journal of the European Hematology Association: HEMASPHERE

HemaSphere is the new journal of the European Hematology Association (EHA), and dedicated to support hematology patient care, research and education worldwide. The journal will […]

HARMONY: Outlook for 2018!

We are looking forward to another exciting and productive year. Read the milestones and plans for the 8 HARMONY Work […]

HARMONY: ELN, HARMONY Partner, about advancing a field by building consortia

Building consortia sounds straight forward and simple since the advantage of consortia for the advancements particularly of rare diseases seems […]

ROADMAP: BD4BO meets with sister projects ROADMAP, HARMONY and BigData@Heart to discuss communications and outreach activities

On 16 January, the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) projects ROADMAP (focussing on Alzheimer’s disease – AD), Harmony (Hematology) and BigData@Heart (Cardiovascular) met with […]

ROADMAP: Interview with Johan van der Lei from Erasmus University

Prof. Johan van der Lei is the Head of the Department of Medical Informatics at Erasmus University. The Department has […]

HARMONY: What is a health outcome? View and listen to the ICHOM video.

Outcomes are the results people care about most when seeking treatment, including functional improvement and the ability to live normal, […]

ROADMAP: Review of past regulatory and health technology assessments of Alzheimer’s disease medicines

Today’s post is by Marieke Dekker (Scientific Researcher at the Medicines Evaluation Board, CBG-MEB) In Roadmap Work Package 6, regulatory […]

ROADMAP progress report

As we reached the end of 2017 and start 2018, the ROADMAP communication team is happy to provide a brief […]

HARMONY Networking at ASH2017, the 59th Annual Meeting and Exposition of American Society of Hematology

At ASH2017 from 9 – 12 December in Atlanta, USA, hematology professionals from around the world were able to learn about […]

HARMONY: Connecting at the 1st European Alliance for Personalised Medicine Congress 2017

HARMONY organized an interactive session on November 28 at the 1st European Alliance for Personalised Medicine Congress 2017 titled “Personalising […]

HARMONY: Summarizing the HARMONY Workshop on the Definition of Meaningful Outcomes for HMs

Approximately 50 European leaders working in the field hematological malignancy gathered at the London Takeda offices on 23 -24 November […]

ROADMAP consultation with the European Working Group of People with Dementia

ROADMAP is a private-public partnership of leading institutions and companies with an interest in improving the situation of people with […]

ROADMAP updates Alzheimer Associations at Alzheimer Europe Academy

On 5 and 6 December 2017, Alzheimer Europe (AE) hosted its third annual Alzheimer’s Association Academy in Brussels, Belgium. The […]

ROADMAP: Communication team reaches milestone

At the beginning of November, the communication team (WP7) has submitted their fourth deliverable to the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) […]

HARMONY at the 59th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Hematology in Atlanta, USA.

HARMONY is attending the 59th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Hematology in Atlanta, USA, to be held from 9 to […]

HARMONY Work Packages 2 & 6 Leadership in action in London, during Workshop: Meaningful Outcomes for HMs

Today and tomorrow the Leadership of HARMONY Work Packages 2 & 6 are organizing a workshop on the definition of […]

BD4BO meets with sister projects ROADMAP, HARMONY and BigData@Heart in London

On 15 November, the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) projects; ROADMAP (focussing on Alzheimer’s disease – AD), Harmony (Hematology) and BigData@Heart […]

New IMI brochure ‘Carry the torch’ highlighting impacts of IMI projects

The Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) is working to improve health by speeding up the development of, and patient access to, innovative […]

Harmony: First year achievements

The HARMONY Alliance is an unparalleled medicine offensive to battle blood cancers by using Big Data analyses. One of the […]

Meet Roadmap at Alzheimer’s Association Academy

The ROADMAP project will be presented at a meeting in Bruxelles on 5-6 December 2017. The invitation only meeting is […]

Big Data@Heart: €19M IMI project aims to bring cardiovascular health into the genomics era

The genomics revolution has brought personalised medicine to cancer and rare diseases, but cardiovascular care is stuck in the past. […]

Harmony: Goals and Objectives

HARMONY Alliance Partners and Associated Members were filmed at the 2nd HARMONY General Assembly on 23 and 24 October 2017 […]

Harmony: About the US initiative: Cancer Moonshot

The Cancer Moonshot is a key initiative of the NHI National Cancer Institute of the United States of America and aims to […]

Big Data for Better Outcomes in Healthcare: a public lecture with Dr Jem Rashbass

9 October 2017, Technical University of Berlin As part of the DO->IT General Assembly, Dr Jem Rashbass, National Director of […]

We have just held our first DO->IT General Assembly

Over 75 members of the Big Data for Better Outcomes (BD4BO) programme Coordination and Support Action project known as ‘DO->IT’, […]

Press Release HARMONY

Progress in Using Big Data Technology to Achieve Better Outcomes for Patients with Blood Cancers   Berlin, 26 October 2017  […]

IMI Stakeholder Forum 2017

  The IMI Stakeholder Forum 2017 took place on Wednesday 18 and Thursday 19 October 2017 at the Hotel Crowne Plaza […]

First ROADMAP face to face Advisory Group meeting

On 18 October, Barcelona (Spain), WP6 – which focuses on regulatory and Health Technology Assessment (HTA) engagement – organised the […]

ROADMAP participates in cross-IMI Disease Modelling Workshop

On 16-18 October, the European Prevention of Alzheimer’s dementia (EPAD) project organised its first IMI-AD Platform Disease Modelling Workshop in […]

ROADMAP holds 4th General Assembly in Barcelona

On 16 and 17 October, the partners of the ROADMAP project met for the 4th General Assembly Meeting in Barcelona, Spain. The […]

Engaging with patient organisations within IMI consortia

ROADMAP partners Alzheimer Europe and Lilly joined forces recently at the AE annual conference in Berlin on 2nd – 4th October, at […]

What value has being involved in research?

Today we talk with Chris Roberts and his wife Jayne about their involvement in the ROADMAP project. On 4 and […]

The Pathway to Patient Data Ownership and Better Health

Digital health data are rapidly expanding to include patient-reported outcomes, patient-generated health data, and social determinants of health. Measurements collected […]

Interview with Mia Nelson from the University of Edinburgh

Today we talk with Mia about her involvement in the ROADMAP project. Mia is a post-doctoral research fellow and is […]

First BigData@Heart research paper published

The first BigData@Heart research paper by Harry Hemingway and colleagues entitled “Big data from electronic health records for early and late […]

ROADMAP progress update

The ROADMAP team has been busy and on the ROADMAP website you can get a brief overview and update of […]

HARMONY Partner GMV explains HARMONY goals and objectives in largest Spanish newspaper

The article in the Spanish newspaper El Mundo about the HARMONY Alliance and the role of its partner GMV was further […]

HARMONY Interactive session at the 1st European Alliance for Personalised Medicine Congress.

Belfast, Ireland 27/11/2017 Let’s connect at the 1st European Alliance for Personalised Medicine Congress (EAPM2017) from 27-30 November 2017, The […]

BD4BO public keynote lecture and panel discussion

BD4BO public keynote lecture and panel discussion – General Assembly, Berlin: Dr Jem Rashbass Public Health England Technical University, Berlin […]

ROADMAP Stakeholder Partnerships: The Importance of regulatory engagement

Representatives from the ROADMAP project met with the EMA Innovative Task Force (ITF) at a meeting in London on 29th […]

ROADMAP project consultation with people with dementia

On 4 and 5 September in Münsbach, Luxembourg, Alzheimer Europe (AE) organised and jointly facilitated a consultation with the   European […]

Realising the Value from Health Data for Improving Care and Research

Join our International Advisory Board members Ain Aavikso and Dipak Kalra at the EMIF and i~HD for a conference on […]

Join our virtual workshop on data management

BD4BO DO-IT will be hosting a virtual workshop for BD4BO projects about data management on September 26 (11.00 – 13.30 […]

Press release BigData@Heart

Big Data for Better Hearts: Breaking new ground for the development of treatments for millions of patients with heart disease […]

Informed consent models in the 21st century

IMI DO->IT have written a rapid review of existing and emerging practices related to informed consent as applied to big […]

Second BD4BO Group Meeting, Berlin 28th June

The second BD4BO Group Meeting was hosted by Bayer AG in Berlin. The meeting saw representatives from DO->IT, HARMONY and […]

Big data benefits and challenges for health care systems: new article in Eurohealth

In Connecting the dots: putting big data to work for health systems, Maximilian Salcher (LSE) provides an overview of the […]

Eurohealth article on BD4BO programme published

The IMI2 Big Data for Better Outcomes (BD4BO) programme was presented to health care researchers and policy-makers in the Spring […]


New public-private partnership launched to coordinate European health outcomes research initiative  On 1 February 2017, a public-private consortium was launched […]


ROADMAP project paves way for sustainable platform for generation and analysis of real world evidence in AD16 Nov 2016 On […]


€ 40 million project for better care of patients with hematologic malignancies. The Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) has approved HARMONY, […]